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2022 Full Year Market Report

LUMA is excited to announce the release of our 2022 Full Year Market Report! 2022 was in many ways a pivotal year, not just for the Digital Media & Marketing ecosystem, but for technology and the broader economy as a whole. From the start of the year several macro challenges began to emerge including inflation, rising interest rates, geopolitical uncertainty, and the threat of a recession, all of which persist to this day. These factors, and the uncertainty surrounding them, made for a challenging year in both M&A and the public markets.Keep Reading


The Current: A look back at 9 surprising things that shaped our industry since we launched

The Current 100: A look back at 9 surprising things that shaped our industry since we launched by Damian Fowler We launched the first edition of The Current in January 2021 with a hot take on how connected TV (CTV) was at a “tipping point.” Cord-cutting was all the rage, with many consumers ditching their pricey cable packages. Two years later, with the benefit of hindsight, we can see that we were reporting on a groundswell that would revolutionize the way many people consume media across the open internet.Keep Reading

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Q2 2022 Market Report

Q2 2022 Market Report Round-Up Amidst the worst H1 in 52 years for the S&P, the Digital Media and Marketing ecosystem has not been immune to the exogenous factors plaguing the broader economy. Ongoing inflation, rising interest rates, the continued conflict in Europe, and the threat of a recession at home have put pressure on public equities and raised market uncertainty, which is the biggest inhibitor of deal-making. Despite external challenges, the business fundamentals and underlying ecosystem trends in the Ad Tech, MarTech and Digital Content verticals remain strong.Keep Reading

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Q1 2022 Market Report

Despite a challenging quarter in the public markets, the Digital Media and Marketing ecosystem showed continued strength in M&A and private financings. While other industries experienced a “post-honeymoon” quarter after a string of new, macro challenges, Digital Media and Marketing grew M&A throughout the quarter. Total M&A count was robust, experiencing 24% YoY growth since Q1 2021, with Digital Content the clear victor seeing more than 50% growth since last year. Deal activity fell short in scaled transactions (>$100mm), down nearly a third from the previous quarter (23 vs. 33).Keep Reading

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2021 Full Year Market Report

LUMA is excited to announce the release of our Full Year 2021 Market Report! 2021 was yet another active year in the Digital Media and Marketing ecosystem. Between M&A, public market, and private financing activity, 2021 reflects a banner year for the ecosystem in many respects. We continue to observe notable trends driving investment and deal activity, best highlighted by “LUMA’s M&A Themes.” Our six themes – CTV, Mobile App, Data & Identity, Commerce Media, Audio, and “End-game Programmatic Consolidation” – have accounted for a disproportionate amount of M&A activity.Keep Reading