LUMA’s Focus on
Digital Media and Marketing

We live and breathe Digital. It’s our passion.

The LUMA Process



The typical broad sell-side auction process simply doesn’t work for leading companies in today’s digital media and marketing industries. Proactively selling a company results in adverse selection and often sub-optimizes the result for entrepreneurs and their investors.


Strategic Approach

The LUMA Process involves a more strategic approach to corporate development. We actively engage with decision makers of the leading technology acquirers to provide objective advice regarding strategy and target selection. An introduction via this more organic approach creates opportunities for the targets and the results are more quality strategic matches and better outcomes for all.


Bought, Not Sold

At the end of the day we believe the best companies are bought, not sold. Most investment bankers say this but then engage on a typical auction process. We put our business model where our mouth is.

The Differentiating

Mark Greenbaum, Partner and Head of Mergers & Acquisitions

LUMA operates differently than other investment banks. Let us show you how.