Black LUMAscape


Announcing the Black LUMAscape. The Black Lives Matter movement has laid bare the structural racism that disadvantages Black people in America. After a lot of listening, we wanted to respond in a manner that 1) supports the cause for equal access, visibility, and innovation from the Black community, 2) enables and promotes targeted economic benefit and 3) aligns with LUMA’s voice in the market.

The Black LUMAscape features Black-owned businesses in LUMA’s focus areas at the intersection of media, marketing and technology. This chart can be used as a reference for those wishing to diversify their business dealings with these companies. For a list of the companies’ website link outs, access the PDF here.

As with all LUMAscapes, we rely on crowdsourcing to complete the ecosystem and encourage your feedback to include all appropriate brand logos. Please share for maximum exposure and effect!