It is with great pleasure that I announce a major expansion of the LUMA partnership. Joining LUMA Partners in our West Coast offices are Mark Greenbaum (second from left) and Dick Filippini (far left); two very experienced bankers from GCA Savvian.

I have known and worked with both Mark and Dick for years. Both professionals are deeply knowledgeable in digital media and marketing with a particular focus on mobile and gaming, and the pair have been advising entrepreneurs and executing many successful transactions as a team.

Mark is an M&A expert with primary responsibility around strategy and deal execution. With more than 15 years of technology banking experience at Morgan Stanley and GCA Savvian, and more than 70 completed transactions totaling $15 billion, Mark brings a wealth of deal experience to augment LUMA’s capabilities.

Dick is a mobile and gaming expert with 15 years of experience advising and investing in the technology sector at UBS, Volpe Brown Whelan, W.R. Hambrecht, Optical Capital and GCA Savvian. Dick enjoys trusted relationships with entrepreneurs, investors and strategic companies alike. His addition both broadens and deepens LUMA’s coverage in digital media and marketing.

Brian and I are excited to partner up with these incredible individuals and look forward to what we can do together on the LUMA platform.

Who are the other people you ask? That’s even more exciting news which will be forthcoming soon. Stay tuned!

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