has agreed to a partnership ,

has agreed to a partnership

Taboola native advertising business partnership with Yahoo

We’re pleased to announce that Yahoo and Taboola (NASDAQ: TBLA), a global leader in powering recommendations for the open web, today announced that they have entered into a 30-year, exclusive commercial agreement.

Taboola will exclusively power native advertising across all of Yahoo’s digital properties and will be available to buy through the Yahoo DSP, establishing Taboola as a leading native advertising offering for advertisers, publishers and merchants on the open web.

Through this unique partnership, Taboola will benefit from Yahoo’s scale as a leading consumer tech company reaching nearly 900 million monthly active users worldwide as a top-ranked internet property across mail, sports, finance and news.

As part of the transaction, Yahoo is receiving a 25% equity interest in Taboola.

LUMA acted as financial advisor to Yahoo Inc. on the transaction.