In the first of our special ‘An Audience With’ podcasts, sponsored by Ezoic, NDA editor Justin Pearse speaks with Terence ‘Terry’ Kawaja, founder and CEO of LUMA Partners. 

One of the most influential people in the industry, Kawaja tells why he still loves Cannes, explains why M&A activity is back with a bang and describes how the ad industry has been been transformed “from an art to a science.”

The podcast was recorded at NDA’s dedicated hub for this year’s Cannes festival, Maison NDA. Supported by partners including LG Ads, Permutive, Channel Factory and Viooh, Maison NDA will feature a range of activities, including drinks parties – including for both NDA’s Digital Women and Media Pride initiatives – roundtables, and podcasts, throughout the week.

Courtesy of New Digital Age


Justin Pearse, New Digital Age

Terence Kawaja, LUMA Partners

Listen to the conversation: New Age Digitial